Grand Computer Smart (GCS) coronavirus response :
In this COVID-19 pandemic situation, we are following the health protocols from the local government (US Government).

For the time being we only serve online purchases/orders and our physical store is still closed due to the current covid 19 pandemic.

And the customer purchases that we send have been carried out according to health procedures.
So you don't have to worry when you receive the package.

For package collection at our store, it is temporarily not enforced, due to the rules of the local government.
Only done by mail using our online return center.

During this pandemic, we provide free shipping to our customers so they don't have to leave the house if there is nothing important to do.

What is Grand Computer Smart (GCS) doing to give back to people affected by the coronavirus?:

Early in 2020, Grand Computer Smart (GCS) committed $1 million to provide support and assistance to team members and organizations helping respond to the coronavirus. The $1 million donation supports four areas: team members, local communities, national organizations, and global response organizations. This donation supports:

In the US, on top of previous donations of anti-virus and N95 respirator masks to first responders and healthcare professionals in over 50 organizations across the country, Grand Computer Smart (GCS) donated 2 million additional KN95 respirator masks to the medical community and continues to find ways to get extra masks for those in critical need.

We are working hard to complete online orders, but due to increased demand, they may be delayed. We apologize for this inconvenience.

As we have throughout the pandemic, our team will remain flexible to change consumer behavior and ensure What is Grand Computer Smart (GCS) remains an easy and safe place for guests to shop.

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COVID-19 Vaccination

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