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34" Alienware AW3418DW Curved Gaming Monitor




New product

Introducing all-new Alienware monitors, mice and keyboards featuring the iconic design you trust for exhilarating, immersive gaming. Whether you're just starting your collection, or rounding out your arsenal, Alienware accessories are built to enhance your gaming experience as you journey deeper into the game. Expand your horizons: In-plane switching panels mean a wide 178°/178° viewing angle from any vantage point and incredibly vivid, detailed sRGB99% colour reproduction from wherever you are in the room. Get real: A 3440 X 1440 WQHD resolution display delivers sharp, crystal-clear graphics with 4.9 million pixels—1.79 times more detail than a Full HD display. So you’ll see every blade of grass, every glint of steel, every drop of sweat more vividly, intensely and richly than ever before. Synched up and ready to roll: NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ technology displays full frames only when the monitor is ready to display them. This means your screen frames load so fast, you can say goodbye to distortions—like tearing and artifacts—and get used to smooth, vibrant images. By the time this sentence is over: Refresh rates so fast you won’t have time to worry about lag. Bring on even faster responsiveness with 100Hz native [or up to 120Hz overclocked] refresh rates and 4ms response times. Matches Black Friday's pricing with over 50% off that's great for gaming and office work


Great Monitor

I love this and the price is friendly!


    Great monitor, very immersive, but has a bit of backlight bleed

    The monitor looks great, color is very accurate and there's no shift in color temperature across the panel..but it has quite a bit of IPS glow on the lower left corner of the display. I understand IPS glow is something that cannot be completely avoided especially on these curved monitors, but the lower left corner is noticeably whiter than the rest of the display and it's quite irritating. I requested a replacement which will hopefully have less backlight bleed and no IPS glow. I will update this review once I receive and test the replacement.


      best monitor for a gaming PC you can currently get

      At the time of purchase, I believe this is the overall best monitor for a gaming PC you can currently get. G-Synch, 120Hz, ultrawide aspect ratio, 3440x1440, IPS panel -- I could go on, but it basically ticks all the boxes.

      120Hz doesn't look any different than 144Hz to me, and it's cool that 24, 30, 60 all go into 120 evenly, so pretty much any content you watch is going to be about as smooth as it could be.

      There are some 2560x1080 34" monitors, but you really want 3440x1440 at this size. 2560x1080 is a little too blurry when stretched out across 34". The AW3418DW at 3440x1440 resolution is very crisp. I have 20/20 vision, and I guess from a perfectionist point of view I wouldn't say no to an even higher resolution at this size, but I have to say that I am absolutely satisfied by this resolution at this size. Things are clear and crisp and it's good.

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